Welcome to Tu Pais Latin Market in Brandon, FL

About Tu Pais Latin Market

Tu Pais means “our country” and we picked this name because of the pride we have for the food and traditions we share.
We began as a traditional latin grocery store, with a small deli in the back, however as the word spread of our authentic cooking our cafe grew.
Over time, the restaurant area of our business grew from just a few tables to taking up most of our store.
Our passion for our culture and the tradition of spreading love and friendship through food is at the heart of what has made us so popular so fast.
We focus on traditional dishes from the Caribbean, Southern and Latin American countries.
While our breakfast and sandwich menu is consistent throughout the week, our lunch menu changes each day so we can share many unique dishes.
We invite you to come by and visit us for lunch, breakfast or even just to grab a cafe con leche.
You’ll be met with warm food and even warmer smiles.